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It's a sign of the times!

I mentioned on FB yesterday that this would be out here today, but couldn't help but put it at both places. Kyra & Michael were so kind to provide this as our thank-you gift the weekend of their wedding, and I already love it everytime we come up the driveway. Clemente's stonework totally makes it, and we even think we may do a 'wall fountain' on the backside that faces the chapel circle. Very cool, and very much appreciated. Do we have the best brides and grooms ever, or what?

Special visit from a special bride today and more watering, chores and tasks. That's how life rolls! Another wedding booking scheduled soon, and we're excited for S&J! Rolling along, trying to stay cool, and enjoying every minute we can!

Handing it all over. That's the secret, we think. When worries, concerns and fears creep in, the sooner we can turn it over to Him, the faster we are reminded who is really in charge. Thanks, Boss, for all the blessings and blessings to come. Have a 'kick' Wednesday, y'all!

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