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Love this picture from WHD!

This is one of my personal favorite pictures of the boss and I that was taken by Jordan Overturf of Overturf Media. It's another from this year's Wedding Homecoming Dinner, and I think it's excellent. We're already looking forward to our next WHD on 1/24/16!

Final preparations and titivation for W&J's lovely wedding. It'll be here before we know it. So looking forward to these two tying the knot in our special chapel. We're ready for a wedding, since we didn't have one last weekend! A weekend off wasn't bad, though! :)

Also getting ready for Sunday's Scenes From benefit for Wags, Hope and Healing....we're so excited that the collected total estimate is already at $1,600, and we haven't even started ACTING yet! Such a fun annual tradition to get to perform for such a worthy cause with such a great couple!

You know you're making progress when you can FEEL other people's prayers. How incredible it must be to be that great of a prayer warrior that other's feel your intentions as they're being offered up. What a great goal! Get out there and make it a wonderful day!

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