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Soooo, you're gonna be the groom, eh?

Well, yesterday was an 'overwhelmed by events' kinda day, so the blog didnt' get done. Hope all 3 of you reading didn't miss me too much! We were honored to play and sing at the beautiful celebration of life for Johnny Watson here in Salado, and I think the music was fantastic. God bless you, Johhny!

The picture above is one of my favorites and Kyra and Mike set it along to us last evening. Love the look. I am assuming I'm looking at Mike in this picture as he comes down the aisle, since that's generally the look I give him! hehehe. After retiring from law enforcement, I don't get to use that 'look' very often anymore... except for my special grooms. That used to be saved for arrests. :) Special wedding memories, for sure! So excited about his new job and Kyra going to orientation in Lubbock soon. God bless you, kids!

A little calmer around the chapel today, and even made it to Zumba this morning! Had a call from Bev and her group will be using the chapel for their vendor monthly meeting....sounds like fun. Someone very special is retiring today, and we can't wait to spend some time with her and Co. soon!

Taking every minute as it comes. It's not what we's what He plans...our reaction to it is the key to happiness. Not everything turns out the way we'd like......but following His voice, guidance, the nudges....that's where the happiness and contentment lies. Blessings to all for a wonderful end of the week, and make every minute count!

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