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Fun Vintage Look...

It's neat when a great idea gets shared. About 4 years ago, our Easter Sunday celebration featured a look very similar to the table above that was set for Debbie & Duane's wedding. Debbie looked at every picture we had on the old website and the minute she saw that Easter setup, she wanted it for her own wedding. As a result, we had a vintage collection setup that turned out great. The amazing thing is that when our newest bride, Amy, saw the setup last week, SHE wanted it for her wedding! The signature look continues, and we think it's probably not the last we've seen of this neat layout.

This could actually be the last day of gate/wall construction at the entrance. Hard to imagine! C.A. has done such an incredible job from start to finish, and it certainly sets the tone for our lovely chapel and home. After completion of the stone and iron work, my job is to find a new gate and opener. How fun will it be to punch in a code and have the gate open for us! Woohooo!

Trusting in Him is so very vital, and we think it truly takes practice. It's such a comfort and a blessing when a nagging concern pops up and we are able to remind ourselves that we should not fear. He will strengthen us! Blessings for an excellent day!

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