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Who knew Minnie had a twin!?!?

How fun is THIS? Kyrstin and Trevor really wanted to bring their baby over to play and show us how much they looked alike. It's amazing! About 7 years difference in age, but they HAVE to be related! What a fun visit, and we survived the terrific storms that day.

Sunshine and wedding bells, people. Looks to me like we're going to hopefully pull off the outdoor ceremony our bride has dreamt of this weekend. Weather predictions are looking better and better for the big day. Totally excited about the photo shoot we just set up for one of our very special couples for their maternity shots. We love the way the chapel is such a genuine touchstone for so many great folks.

Prayers continue for our friend, Tony, and prayers of thanksgiving continue pretty much around the clock. Excited to meet Deadra & Kim today and also getting a pedicure at some point! (Cap's toes gotta look good for these weddings....ok, well in boots you don't see them but they look's the avoidance of dragon toenails that we're going for here :))

Another great day of wedding setup. Glasses are out, linens are being steamed, chairs set up.... can't wait! It's always so fun when we are having a wedding we've truly been looking forward to so very much for almost a year!

Our hope for you today is peace and patience. It's fun to see how much of each we can practice on ourselves and others! Make it magical today, peeps!

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