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How can 1 year have passed so quickly?

John posted on FB today that a year ago, he and Jolene were dancing their final dance at their wonderful wedding at our chapel. Hard to imagine that it has already been a year. How we have grown to be blessed by this couple.... Jolene helps so willingly and frequently, and John is capable of EVERYTHING. (ok, maybe not planting plants in the garden!) When couples come here to be married, we always look to Him to help us decide if it's right for our special place. He convinced me that it was right for these two, and boy, was He not kidding. Giving hearts, generous souls and gracious servants of His will. These two are an inspiration for all of those around them. They missed Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year due to illness, and we so look forward to having them this next year (1/24/16). They never fail to be so incredibly helpful and genuinely servants to His will. God bless you both for a tremendously long, healthy life together!

Well, Cap's actually outside painting a new bed for the main house, and hopefully we'll get some of the outdoor furniture painted this week as well. We're watching the skies for the weather for Kyra & Michael's wedding, but know that no matter what the weather, we'll have a bang-up marital event. What a special couple this is, and we are SO looking forward to the big day!

Had an incredible dinner last night at the chapel, and really enjoyed spending time in the kitchen. It's been a while, but it's fun when it happens. We start setting up for this weekend tomorrow, and can't wait! Did I mention that we're excited about this weekend's wedding?!?!?! Woohooo!

Every minute we're up and about, and even the ones where we're just laying made better by reminding ourselves of as many blessings as we can. They're everywhere, and so wonderfully made....JUST for us! Have a super-great, Caliberoak kinda day!

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