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Photo from a special day...

Thought it was fun to repost this picture, since Missy and Jeremy's wedding was such a great memory for us. Really love Donna's dress in this picture! We're so proud of M&J and hear there may be some fun changes in the works!

Raining it. When August comes, we'll all be wondering where the moisture is!

Everything looks great for this weekend's first wedding, and we can't wait for the fun to start! New folks helping us out, great couple, and fun folks coming back for a visit because of the event. It'll be fun setting up for Sunday's wedding as well... Haven't done a 'flip' of the room overnight in a year, but it's truly a fun effort! We're just praying the weather is tremendous for both weddings, but we'll be blessed with whatever we get!

Some neat changes are coming to the website! Jordan is going to add a 'Wedding Homecoming Dinner' feature on the 'about us' page, as well as an explanation and photo of the Celebration Garden. Should be neat!

Getting some help with odds and ends today while "Mrs. Arnaz" the Eldorado is getting freshened up in town. Even got new pants to wear to the wedding Saturday!

Hope everyone is doing very well today! Blessings to everyone reading this blog and we hope you have a massively excellent day!

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