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Christina's Getting Married!

It's been a journey, but it's finally happening! Congratulations to Christina and Brandon.... They're tying the knot at our blessed chapel, and we can't think of two more deserving people. Soon, we go over our entire plan to make everything just right for the big day. Can't WAIT!

Can somebody say...."New Limo Driver"? Woohoo, a big thank you and we're excited about our own groom, US Army Lt. Chris Zoeller joining the Caliber Oak club to help us with events and rolling down the road. He and Jess were a delightful bride and groom, came to WHD this year, and we just love them both. We look forward to many happy miles with Lt. Z at the helm! AND Jess gets 'pinned' at TC today, since she's officially graduated from nursing school! Our brides and grooms.....the most wonderful and positively charged folks on the planet!

Getting a little help with chores today and also have a special visitor coming who's getting a really neat 'just because' gift! Not raining at the moment, but apparently will be almost every day between now and the next two weddings. WE will be just fine! Wedded bliss has NOTHING to do with the weather!

A little lunch at subway, gonna pay some bills, and work on the cool cabinet we got for the bride's room. We hope everyone's day is blessed!

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