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So when I say PARTY....Is this what you think of!??!!? I DO!

Nothing shows off the fabulousness of this wedding like this photo. I love the fun on multiple levels, the lighting, the mix of folks. Just excellent. Lots would pay big bucks for a wedding photo like this one! Congrats, AGAIN, A&Z!

Had an excellent meeting with Debbie and Duane today, and really enjoyed meeting Debbie's sister Pam. Their wedding is going to be so unique, vintage and multi-layered. Truly going to be fun to craft the look for their big day. So many great ideas!

Rain continues, and I love it! We'll be praying for this in August, people! How we'll get the lawn mowed and bugs under control for Angie's wedding.....well.... God will provide!

Special supper tonight and we're so looking forward to it. The very own Cindy Cashion, who orchestrated and created the look for our 25th anniversary rehearsal dinner will be at the table. Woohp, Woohp!

Pulled a muscle bowling today, but NO MATTER! New high score! 114.... Not the professional bowlers league, but I seem to do better with less chardonnay....go figure!

Blessings to everyone near and far this day.... May he rest blessings on your shoulders as light as feathers and even more beautiful!

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