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It's official! The sign is UP!

Hard to believe we actually had enough sunshine to pull this off in the last few days, but they got it done! Mary and Landon's sign is on the tree at the Celebration Garden, and their lovely rose has been planted. The edge of the garden is just a little bit larger now, and such a blessing to us!

Rain continues, but I never complain about that. Again, I always think of how many August days we have prayed for such weather. It'll all be over too soon and the 100 degree days will have joined us once more. Totally pumped over the tentative booking of the Alaskan Cruise for this summer. Should know more within the hour.

Special congratulations to C&B who are booking their wedding at the chapel today! We're so excited, and know it'll be wonderful. Sometimes the situation doesn't work itself out in the beginning, but the chapel has called so many folks...and these two were willing to work at it to bring it to fruition! Blessings, and we can wait to start planning.

Trying to figure out how we're going to get the bridal courtyard and entryway mowed in time for the next wonderful wedding. Predicted rain from now till then, so we'll just hope for a sunny saturday...which apparently, is possible?!!?

He's got great plans for each of us today..... Let's let him make it happen! Happy Tuesday to all!

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