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Blue and White are Just Right.

Stacey Splawn of Magnolia Studio took this photo quite a while ago, but I wanted to use it for today's blog, since it envokes such a great feel for me. Intimate, orderly, welcoming.... Guess that sums up the whole chapel feel. Thanks, Stacey, for this great photo of a small slice of the chapel kitchen.

Big trip to Academy today after dance class. New wagon for hauling linens back and forth from the main house to the chapel, new walking shoes, new BOWLING shoes for the boss and I! Looking forward to my little trip to town...oh, and I'm not supposed to forget the ingredients for tonights charity event planning dinner. I've got this!

Celebration Garden got a GREAT boost yesterday, as errant oak trailers were removed, the entire garden was 'ladybug soiled' and then received a fresh layer of native mulch. Should really make a difference. Now on to deadheading the blooms and fertilizing with 'hasta-gro'. Many thanks to Christian for his tremendous help yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday was surely gardening day, as several flowerbeds at the main house were revitalized, and the zinnias this summer will be such a blessing to have. I love the way that little seed turns into a 'California Giant' zinnia! Truly God at work, if you ask me.

Two fun prospective client groups coming tomorrow, and we look forward to meeting them. E&C and J&J are all coming to see our blessed chapel to see if it works for them. Love meeting new lovebirds!

MG Collectors Club is in town, and I was able to provide our card to one of the group members and hope we'll be in touch. Wouldn't it be fun to host the group at the chapel? This annual event reminds me it's been a little over a year since Jack turned the reins of the MGB over to me. I think of him every time I climb in, and we miss him dearly. God bless you, Jack!

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