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And what a wonderful day it was!

This photo is from Dakota & Zach's wonderful chapel wedding. The feel is just perfect, and it's always amazing to me how much elegance can get generated by a few pieces of furniture and abundant florals. The look of this wedding is one of our favorites, so far. Just wish they lived closer!

A little misty out there this morning, but the flowers never complain about that. Had a tremendous visit with Meagann & Duncan to finalize their vows last night. (Hi, Meagann! I know you're reading the blog! :)) One more thing off their checklist for the special day.

Had a great visit with Tim to renew our limousine insurance yesterday, and I'm hoping he decides to come and use our pistol range one day soon.

My phone is acting up again, but hopefully will get right soon. Don't you just love technology!

Some chapel storage reorganizing is in order, since I picked up 12 tablecloths from the cleaners yesterday, and they're still on the groom's room bed... We've got a solution, but need to get busy with organizing. It's an ongoing battle in the back room!

Hope everyone has a tremendous day today. Be fearless!

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