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Monica & Cap share a moment

Actually liking this picture of both of us, and clearly I've been heavily airbrushed! That's a blessing! Monica Schiller is one of the precious gems in our lives. Crazy generous, involved, pleasant, talented, sweet, etc. etc. etc. She's always doing something great for someone and this photo shows her helping out at the chapel. God bless you, Monica!

Caliber Oak Wedding Homecoming024.jpg

So far, we've got great weather outside today, with chances of rain lurking around the edges. I'm fine with that, since it makes flowers grow! Set up chairs, glasses and other things for the wedding this weekend... Enjoying my coffee now before paying bills, doing taxes, steaming usual fun day (well, except for doing taxes....thank God that's only once a year!)... It really is a fun day for me, since we get to make such a difference in the lives of our brides and grooms! Still have my checklist of lots of items I would like to have done for this weekend, so can't tarry too badly today. Just opened the back door to enjoy that excellent sunshine and fresh, spring breeze. Thank you God for TODAY! Blessings for a tremendous mid-week Holy Week!

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