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Wonderful to be able to add to the blog!

It's such a blessing to be able to blog because of Jordan's efforts. Another full day of fun at the chapel. Mary, Joanie & Craig left this morning from a fun weekend with Joanie running the Army Marathon! Congratulations, Joanie, and I know you're proud of your accomplishment. Had lots of yummy treats this weekend, and got to visit with Jonathan's mom, Pam, as well.

Fun seeing Jonathan and Whitney and so looking forward to their special wedding. We get a visit from Drew today, and even have a new inquiry from the updated website in the old inbox, as well. Weather continues to be a changing story currently as well as our target for this weekend's wedding. Maybe we'll be inside and maybe not, but we know that N&DJ's wedding will be incredible! Such a great couple and they're just the perfect kind of fun folks that belong at the chapel. Finally catching up on internet stuff, since one of our wonderful grooms, John Bruce, provided an ATT hotspot to cover the internet situation until we are fully up and running with a new, permanent provider. Many thanks to Melanie for working on our insurance issues, as that saga continues! Blessings to all for a tremendous day!


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