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Such a tremendous shot from a tremendous day of fun, frivolity and laughter! The new Mr. & Mrs. H!

Well, I didn't actually hear any wedding bells that day (I guess we need to get one!) but nobody missed them, since so much greatness was going on all around. Rachel and Jeff captured this amazing shot of Sarah and Otto in front of the fabulous Mrs. Marian Arnaz, and all 3 of them look great! LOL! It's so funny how you're so busy the day of the wedding that you forget certain details and the right photos bring it all back. One of the absolute highlights of this wedding were the incredibly beautiful flowers by Botanical Jane (Sarah's cousin' company) that completely immersed the chapel in fall color richness. There are so many excellent shots from this big day that we'll be featuring quite a few of them. (Fortunately, my "Weekend at Bernie's" photo was not part of the press packet release!). Congratulations to one of our favorite couples evah, and they're already RSVP'd for Wedding Homecoming to celebrate all over again! (Except this time, WE pay for the pizza! :))

Another wonderful day in chapel land and Clemente is making great progress on the floor project in the groom's room. I need to head down there after I go to town to work on the Rotary event just a little more today, and Rachel (not the photographer!) is coming to help me out tomorrow with final setup effort. Should be a fun time! At first, the linens were really fighting me with 'perma-wrinkles', but then as the tables went along, they seemed less and less difficult to work with. Praise God!

Looking forward to meeting another wonderful couple this weekend who are looking for just the right wedding venue. Could this be the one? We'll see, and we'll leave it in His hands, as always. Have a wonderful wrap up to the week, and we hope to visit again soon right here on this blog! Blessings to you.


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