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Well, if you know, you know. This is a key element in an upcoming reception of epic proportions!

We just cannot wait for the big day. Such creativity, energy, genuinely delightful bride, groom, families. It's all so good in the feels. Interesting and crazy-fabulocity theme as well as the group that can really pull it off! Can't wait to put my boots and tombstone coat on for this one! Photos to follow!

All is wonderful in the chapelhood. A new wedding inquiry, and I finally got Meghan's updated booking sheet out to her. Even got Bert and Lisa's deposit refund started! Look at me! So freakin' grown up, right?

Otherwise, it's watering plants and basking in the glow of the immaculate cleaning that Elena provides to keep us going. This weekend's charity games night is ON! Please let us know if you can be here on Sunday, since we'd love to see you. This is one of those events where you laugh so hard your belly hurts! Holler at me at 254 718 0680 for more info if you need it.

Otherwise, stay cool, and don't forget that God is with you 24/7.365. Later, chapel peeps, and may blessings splash about you! :)


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