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Well, Ashley's photos are WAY better than mine, but this is the first photo of them married indoors!

Just seconds after walking back in from their beautiful, warm-ish wedding ceremony, here are Nicole and Garrit. You can hardly tell that he's been sweating! It looked a lot more moist on the dome earlier in the proceedings! Actually, we were very well blessed with the weather, which ended up being rather cloudy and not nearly as hot as it could have felt. Humidity was up, but so were great vibes and a mild breeze, so we all did just fine! Congratulations to you both! They're a delightful couple, and it's been a joy to work with them to make their special day come true. Did some adjustments, accommodations, and dedications to make it have their personal stamp and it was worth every minute. Delightful guests were a pleasure for all of us to work with, and all the food and cake and floral were amazing. Everything came together on what I consider a dangerous color palette to perfection! Well done, Nicole! It's fun to get to know a family and their history and how that helps to shape the day. We're already looking forward to having these two come and see us as soon as they can!

This week, the focus is on another wonderful bride and groom and we're back to steaming linens for the big day. Sapphire blue is a key element in this upcoming wedding ceremony, and that'll be rich, elegant and just the right nod to the season. The weather is supposed to warm up for the big day from where we are now, with a warmish temp for the maximum with lots of sunshine headed our way! Perfection. We love it when a wedding party can enjoy both inside and outside parts of the chapel, as we did this last weekend. It's like a vacation for all the guests, and very, very relaxing. Just wonderful.

Ok, I'd better think about doing some chapel laundry or we won't have table cloths to eat off of soon! Have a wonderful and blessed day, and we hope to see you soon!


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