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We would have to say that all those who help us make a bride and groom's day magic feel this way!

Getting to be part of the biggest day of someone's life is no small treat, and our team really lines up behind the day! Speaking of lining up behind the day, I need to get busy and start staff scheduling for about 6 different weddings, but I know we'll get it all done! We so appreciate all our former brides, friends, and all around great folks who work so seamlessly to make a very special day one step more than special! Thank you!

Hope all our chapel fans are doing great today! We're rolling along, praying for rain, and wondering where the turkey-foot weeds in the chapel yard are coming from WITHOUT any rain!?!? Oh well, they'll be trimmed back and under control before the next wedding. We're so looking forward to all the great weddings this fall season! Hard to believe things are about to start!

Put up another hanging fern in the courtyard yesterday, but it's hung kind of crooked, so I may need to work on that! No worries, we've got time, and I can take care of that while we prepare for tomorrow evening's bible study at the Chapel. Never a dull moment, as you've heard me say many times!

Hope your weekend is amazing, and hope you're going to come see us soon! We love visits and hope some wonderful couple invites YOU to their wedding! See you soon!

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