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We stumbled on this cool little graphic of a mid-century bride and groom, and it just looked neat!

It's fun when you stumble on an image that makes you smile! This was pretty neat, so we thought we would share.

Hope all our chapel fans are doing well. All is great here at the chapel of love and we're rolling right along. I get to meet with a great family tomorrow to finalize some decor items, and am gearing up for the offsite wedding coming up soon. It's about to get all wedding-y around here as the fall season is headed towards a full-season-mode. It's all good...we love what we do, and it's even easier to do when it's not 103 degrees outside! The cooler temps are definitely a blessing, even if the humidity is high.

Clemente is working on smoothing the driveway today, since the downpour this week certainly took its liberty with it! He feels we can smooth it out nicely. Sadly, it looks like we're losing a tree at the big barn, but you never know...sometimes some of the branches can survive. Not sure if it's the weird tree sickness deal, or if it was just too hot for this tree to survive this summer without rain. It's been stressful for all plants and animals for sure, so it's great to see things greening up again!

Have a wonderful wrap-up to the work week, and try to be as happy as our cartoon couple posted here! Blessings to one and all from Caliber Oak!


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