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Unbelievable! Cinderella Story! Rapid Rise to The Top! The Eldo's understudy featured in wedding!

Well, your career can change in the blink of an eye, they say, and that's certainly the case for our Miss Emmy Lou today! Originally slated for her normal slot #3 in the carport for the whole day and evening as an understudy, she was suddenly thrust into the limelight yesterday evening, when Mrs. Marian Arnaz ('71 Cadillac Eldorado) threw out her battery and twisted her alternator! She couldn't go on today, so our wonderful bride and groom selected none other than the relatively unknown Miss Emmy Lou for their big day photo op and activities! She's being prepped right now by the makeup team being led by Chloe of Belton, and we're pretty excited about this whole thing. She did actually appear at one other wedding a few years back that was held off-site, but this is the first time she has ever been a part of a wedding day on her own home court! She's excited, we're excited, there's just excitement slinging all over the place. She's a little country scuffy, but will go great with the country theme of D&C's wedding! Such great photos and memories of a very special day. We're all set with details and setup for the ceremony and reception, so let the fun begin, the cake get delivered, Vance all set up, and BBQ in place. We're going to have FUN! Deb has decorated the chapel and the courtyard to perfection and it shows. Cannot wait to wear my frock coat for the ceremony, and I'm super honored to be the officiant for this large celebration. The whole thing is coming together so wonderfully, it's hard to imagine!

Still need to pick up the bug spray that I left outside yesterday and put our bucket-0-bugsprays out in the courtyard. Otherwise, except for putting out ceremony chairs and the two kid's tables, we're pretty much set! We love it when a plan comes together!

The new plants that Clemente planted in the front look like their doing good, and the yard finally looks greenish! It always takes a little while this time of year, but things are slowly getting greener all the way around!

Please wish our Deborah and Carl a very happy wedding day, and keep us in your prayers for the perfect celebration!


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