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This is what happens when Siberia meets Texas! Nothing but wonderful romance and love! Thrilled!

I keep thinking I've done a post with these two, but if I have, I can't seem to find it, and when you have a lovely couple like this sometimes things bear repeating. S&R had a magical wedding, and we were so very happy for them both. God bless you two as you move forward...

The chapel is a little dormant right at the moment, but we did have our Saturday night furniture assembly event for our good friend, Debra, and Sunday saw us hosting bible study again, although we're going to be very hit and miss on bible study meetings in the final quarter of the year, since everyone is so freaking busy!

Special guest coming to the chapel........My cousin Cheryl will be joining us in November, and we're so looking forward to it. Mrs. Boss' annual tea is just around the corner, and that always keeps us in hot water! :) (see what I did there?)... After that it's a slow ramp-up for one of our favorite little 'munchkin turns into bride' girls, Emma Grace. We're so happy to be able to help host such a great day for her! Cannot wait.

Recent rains make us less parched looking, PTL! It's been so dry this summer, and hard to keep anything alive. When I walked down to the chapel today, I thought to myself............I haven't seen it this green since like April!

Super fired-up about the FOTSPL fundraiser in April, featuring Jane Austen. I only have yet to find the right boots, but haven't gotten there quite yet. Am still........working on it. So looking forward to that. Isn't it great that God puts events in your future as gems to work toward for the benefit of others! Lovin' on it!

Otherwise, almost all wedding vehicles are identified and accountable. Getting nervous about how much the 1951 Chevrolet is going to need to make the front end work right, but we'll put it in His hands, as we always do, and roll with it!

Be generous, be graceful (as much as you can...sometimes not a forte for me!) and be involved and connected to your genuine peeps. It makes al the difference in the end. Will work on being more communicative, and hope all y'all are doing great!


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