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This is pretty typical of our grooms. Creative, outdoorsy, repurposeful and weapon-related! Neat!

Garrit had the coolest lapel flowers in a long time. We've seen it before, but still love the look. It's a rifle shell casing with a miniature calla lily and greenery for his big day. Floral matching class with a nod to the centerfire. Very unique and decidedly masculine.

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Preparations continue for the big event this weekend. Chapel is clean, linens being steamed, glasses being put out, lists being prepared. Another opening, another show! This one promises to be excellent, since our bride and groom are very special and we expect some serious fun. John returns to his regular half-aproned station, while Tobi comes and joins the team for her very first wedding to work at the chapel. Recommended by another bride, Tobi comes to us during a very busy time, and we're thankful. The bridal network (mafia) is alive and well, and our brides and grooms come through for us in a pinch every single time! We're thankful!

Things look a bit greener from the rains on Monday, and we cannot complain. Clemente is trimming and making things look good for our wedding this weekend, and we're always reminded about how the two of us could never do all of this on our own!

Two more major weddings coming up before we can put our feet up, but it's a labor of love! I learned my lesson about wearing heavier socks during Nicole and Gerrit's wedding, as my feet were barkin', so I'm going to sweat sock this weekend's celebration! I think it'll help. A crippled up venue owner isn't any use to anyone! :)

Blessings to all for a tremendous rest of the week, and congratulations to ALL our brides and grooms, past and present!


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