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The Queen of All at one of the nicest parties we've ever thrown at the chapel...25th anniversary!

The whole reason we built the chapel at caliber oak was for our 25th wedding anniversary... I mean, doesn't everyone do that? I'm thinking no, but I'm glad we did. This photo is from the 'rehearsal dinner' portion of the weekend of our 25th, which was the first week of July in 2011. The chapel had been finished for about 9 months, and it was fun re-creating the wedding weekend we had enjoyed in Dallas 25 years before. The theme in the great room for this photo is "Phantom of the Opera meets Moulin Rouge in the country". Pretty out there, eh? It was wonderful. Pam Bland is playing the piano behind the boss there, and Cindy Cashion was design lead for the whole event. We had a great time, and the wedding renewal of vows the next day was tremendous as well. Lots of champagne went over the bridge that weekend, but it was worth every dime! Such fun memories. We cannot recommend celebrating while you can enough! Once your chance to celebrate together is over, it's not gonna happen... Party on, peeps!

Speaking of partying.......we'll be doing little of that this week as we prepare for L&K's greatest of adventures. Setting up the chapel, planting more seeds, checking things off the wedding list, it's all such fun getting ready for a bride and groom's biggest of days. It will be here before we know it, and I need to get in touch with our bride and bride mom to determine final count for the celebration! That's always our starting point, and there may even be a tent involved in this party, so we're doubly excited. It's a dream come true for us to help make other's dreams come true!

We'll have to do a bit of trimming at the entry gate for springtime weeds this week, but the bridal courtyard looks pretty good. This is the time of year that weeds, grass, wildflowers, etc., come popping up JUST before the celebration and make things look a little too rustic sometimes. We'll deal, and we'll overcome!

Have a wonderful week, get your Monday started off on a nice, spiritual and thankful tone, and the rest of the days until the weekend will flow as smooth as melted chocolate! Blessings at you!


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