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Sometimes, the Chapel Crewe hits the road for prayer time, bible study and fun! That's how we roll!

Bible study at the chapel is even better when it's NOT at the chapel! We were hosted in the beautiful, private movie theater @ the home of Dr. Rich and Brittany Fossum this last Sunday, so that we could watch the next episode of "The Chosen". Outstanding location, A/C, comfort, and you could see and hear the flick so 5beautifully. Many thanks to the Fossums for making this happen. One of the things we learned about one of our favorite Chapelmobiles, however, is when we get 6 of us in this car, the 51 year old springs and ancient shocks on the Eldorado probably do need replacing! Roz said that we looked like the ultimate low riders heading to Rich and Brittany's and we bottomed out on the gravel drive about 9 times going and coming. We even touched ground and bottomed out on Royal Street, so enhancements in this area are needed! Who knows when those shocks were last replaced! We'll keep the volume of riders at a smaller number for future trips, but in this heat, we'll probably be in the Lincoln, truck or Fleetwood with some icy cold A/C! Such fun!

Tim and I ordered the new film for the upper mid-ships window at the chapel for our summer project, and while I didn't find exactly what I wanted (Taylor's film was cooler!) I think it's going to look good and pretty darned detailed. We'll see. I may try more of this product at the main house as well.

Slice of Heaven Educational Farms has selected JULY 31 as their next games night, so mark your calendars and hopefully you'll have good luck playing the games! There'll be a posting on the Chapel FB page, but wanted you to know in advance so that you could 'save the date'! Ok, paperwork is calling me, and I need to go. God bless each and every one of our chapel fans, and we so look forward to having Deanna come and check the chapel out for her daughter's wedding today! Talk with you soon!


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