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Shelby sez: "Not to be snooty, but THIS particular Cadillac is already reserved for a wedding day!"

Well, you have to say, she does seem rather proud of herself in the Eldorado, and rightfully so, since Deb & Carl will make their exit in it in just a few short days. Now I just have to get it running, out of the barn, and with help, get it polished to perfection. No's Eldo season, so it's just the right time!

Hope your week is winding down to a magical finish. We're excited, since Chris is going to get the gate out to the driveway tomorrow, and we'll probably get the boat as well. We've got bible study on tap for the weekend, staffing for the wedding, relocating crafting spaces, and some really neat new plants for the front of the chapel! All is coming together beautifully, and spring is about to spring, if you know what I mean! Got to meet with Deb this afternoon and go over the final questions for the big finals wedding week, and it looks like the ship is gliding through the waters just perfectly for the big day and an on-time arrival. It's such an honor to have their wedding here, since her sister trusted us with hers, and you don't get a much stronger endorsement for what you're doing than that!

Well, plenty to do otherwise, and dirt to move and plants to plant. Have a great Thursday night and Friday, and we hope to talk with you soon! Blessings!


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