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Raeshel came up with creative and funny nametags for the seed swap. This one seemed just right!

That seed swap day was fun, and I'm amazed at how much interest has already been generated for the next one! We've officially announced the date as FEBRUARY 19, 2023! Hope you can be here with your seeds, seedlings, plants, or just plain old garden wisdom!

I get to visit with Megan today to go over her wedding day plan, and that's always fun. McKenzie and I are trying to work out a date to get together to pick out the 'stuff' for their big day, but the schedule has gotten in the way. No worries, it'll all work itself out, and that's the best part of having plenty of time in advance!

Caden gave us his business cards last night (bride and groom's son) for his drone business. He's interested in getting bridal clients for his startup venture, and at 17 years old, we've seen his photography at the end of the drone, and it's amazing. We know his price point will be excellent as a startup, so let us know if you're interested in his services. We want to be sure to encourage him with some business!

Otherwise, trimming and minor repairs are on the docket for the chapel today. Next week, we start gearing up for the Garden of Hope fundraiser on September 22! Time flies when you're having fun!

Have a wonderful day today and so something special as a surprise for someone else. You'll be amazed how great it makes YOU feel! Blessings on ya!


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