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Over a YEAR since the last blog post?!?!?! Is this possible?!?!?!? I guess so, but we're back!

Sorry for the long delay, and I guess I'd better post a photo here.........

We were so excited to help host Otto and Sarah's wedding here! I realized after that, wait a minute......I've not been posting anything to the chapel blog! I've been adding to the FB chapel feed, etc, but not to the blog itself. I have my own personal blog that I'm pretty good about, but haven't been focusing here in over a year. Shame on me, and I'll be doing much better in the future.

Since this particular blog is pretty much 'chapel-only' kinda stuff, we'll continue to keep it that way...... We still love our tremendous chapel and all the joy that it brings to so are some inside-baseball things going on down there.......

Landscaping could be prettier right now? Fall is such a cruddy time of the year to try to make things pretty. We have a very nice wedding coming up, and we're going to get rid of all the dead zinnia stems (save the seeds!!!!!!!) and hopefully be able to do a bit of potted plant/pumpkin/camo kind of thing to make the right half of the entry look great. If we get a freeze between now and the wedding, however, all bets are off, and everyone understands how that works. Oh well, it's either springtime flowers at 95 degrees or comfy fall temps with 'meh' landscaping. I know which one I would pick! :)

Mrs. C has been doing a tremendous job of keeping the chapel glowing (Brandie did too!) and it's working out well. We've got LOTS of stuff going on between now and the end of the year! Charity concert on November 14 that we hope you'll attend.... The Temple Rotary Christmas party, SSWS Christmas party and the KofC Christmas party! Let's get that tree up! I think the tree will be fun this year, and know it'll see lots of smiling faces all around!

So much rain the last few hours, so I know at least the flowers that are still there will get watered! Even with "Freezemageddon" this last winter, our chapel ended up turning out just fine with flowers and plants, overall. Setting up for Miss Denise's annual tea is keeping me busy this week, and her colors are amazing. Never used before together, they evoke some snap and some vintage flair. Laura Snyder provided new linens for the event, and the combo of colors will probably be used again. So many lovely memories for so many folks, and so many more to be made!

We've been so happy that we can keep our price point down to the same rate it has been for the last 6 years. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to provide a world-class, 5-star experience to those who serve. Some of our favorite brides and grooms are soldiers, nurses, aides, teachers, truckers, and ditch diggers. We love it! Everyone is welcome at the chapel and we're so glad we can keep it affordable. It doesn't make any money, but sometimes, there are more important things than profit. This is one of those places! (but thank God Miss Denise has a good job! :))

Ok, well, that's enough for right now, but I'm going to make a commitment to y'all that I'll keep this blog up and current. .....with JUST chapel stuff, which will be fun! Have a great one, come visit, and you can never renew your vows too many times! :)


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