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Our bestest banker at the recent charity fundraiser was NOT fuzzy, but the photo sure was! Yikes!

Greg, a.k.a. Dr. Stegliachi, stepped up to the plate on Sunday night for the non-profit fundraiser, and did a tremendous job as usual. From getting the money from the bank to putting it back to making change, helping folks ring the bell for winning for the charity to keeping track of donations.... He's always here to help and does such an excellent job of everything he touches around here. We're so very appreciative and decided that somehow for the next charity games night, we need to get him one of those green, banker visors to wear for his role!

All is excellent at the chapel this morning, and if we play our cards right, we may be the owners of a load of excellent garden soil for the front flower beds! We're so anxious to get things planted there it's not funny! Spring will be here soon, but we were talking with a MOB yesterday about how this roller coaster hot/cold weather is scaring the plants just a little bit, and everything's a little afraid to send up new shoots. Looks kinda drab out there to us, so hopefully some fresh plantings will help!

Chloe was a tremendous help at the chapel yesterday, continuing to clear the debris in the aftermath of the excellent fundraiser on Sunday. She hung commercial linens, emptied the dishwasher, tidied up and a whole bunch of things that only she and Mrs. Boss know about, since I wasn't there! Great job, Chloe, and we appreciate your efforts so much!

Well, Clemente will be here any moment to start today's chores, so I need to close. Have a wonderful mid-week, and be thankful! :)


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