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Ok, it's one thing to have incredible couples, but a whole 'NUTHER thing to have them send a gift!

Could have knocked us over with a feather! Not only did we already feel honored to be the place where Megan and Will said, "I Do!" and to have an amazing wedding and reception, but then THIS appeared at our doorstep! Candies, cookies, mints, all KINDS of evil Christmassy stuff! We were so very touched that such a special couple thought of us during the holidays, and we've darned-near eaten our way through the whole thing! :) Thank you SO MUCH, Will and Megan for not only the gift, but the thoughtfulness and appreciation behind it!

The chapel was the scene of another wonderful dinner last night, with the appearance of Ronny & Ann for our annual Christmas together. Ronny looks great after having a roller coaster of a year, and the table was set just right with lanterns (thanks, Lisa!) and vintage snowflakes/ornaments (thanks for the loan, Jolene!) and beautiful silk tassels provided by Colin Cope of Ross-Howard Designs. It was a lovely setting, pretty cosmopolitans, decent food and really yummy dessert (that I finished for breakfast, I'll have you know). Super very much enjoyed the Gray's visit, and appreciate each moment we're together. This year has certainly shown us that we should never take our time for granted!

Otherwise, still working on my 'sticks as shepard hooks' concept project with 0.0% success so far. Never fear, we'll just look for different sticks or figure something else out! We're tenacious that way, and it's just exactly how we approach a wedding day... "we'll make this WORK!" :) Have a wonderful mid-week as we prepare for a huge holiday! Blessings on y'all!


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