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Ok, if you find this to be in bad taste, you probably don't get us! I've been planning on this!

How many hundreds of times have I given the chapel tour to a bride and groom and shown off our 'bride's emergency cabinet', and joked that all that's missing is the little bottles of liquor from the airlines. Well, humor begets reality, and we're up and running! This cabinet is really special, since it came off the wall (literally torn off during the flooding) of a grand old house in New Orleans during Katrina. It's one of the coolest medicine cabinets ever in a way cool motif. Inside, our brides actually use the stuff provided! pins, tape, hairspray, pantyhose, heel fitters, heel covers, bandaids, etc. NOW they can take a nice swig of courage from our 'bottom shelf' collection. We always love that the "Dream Bride" jewelry collection is located on the second shelf...just in case there's an accesory emergency the day of the wedding! (We're not naming any names, Terri! :)) This little cabinet is just one of the touches that really set us apart from other locations. We're here for every minute of your wedding and want it to go just right!

We're already loving the fresh, new look of the Caliberoakweddings Instagram page that Emma Grace is re-designing. We've put her in touch with two of our photograpy regulars for additional pictures (oh, and Jennifer Simmons, let us know if you have some favorites!) and she'll be reaching out to vendors we love, telling stories about what's happening and creating a feel that is directed directly at the young engaged woman. We couldn't be prouder of her work already, and can't wait to see what she cooks up!

Ok, gotta run....lots to do! Have a wonderful Monday, a wonderful week, and don't forget...the bottom shelf collection is just for EMERgencies! :) Blessings on ya!


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