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Not just romance is ready for germination at the chapel! Check out these heirloom seeds of love!

Spring forth, y'all! One of our most industrious brides, Miss Shell-E was here yesterday with thousands of great garden seeds to share. We had about 8 visitors, but that was cool because we still got mighty excellent seeds to plant and were able to visit most of the day! The seed sharing and potential for garden excellence are a fun part of chapel life!

Otherwise, it was bible study last night - outstanding as usual- with not too much going on this week. We're prepping for SUNDAY! The Slice of Heaven Educational Farm fundraiser will be in full swing @ 5:30 p.m. for games and glad tidings! Beverages, food, hollering, yelling and lucky winners will all make it so that the charity can continue to pursue excellence in the area for local kiddos who need to know where milk comes from! :)

Landscaping is definitely needed at the chapel, although we did survive the freeze with lots of limbs down. ALMOST lost the large chandelier, but with Tim and Clemente's help, it survived, and I just need to get on the ladder and clean up the glass from the excitement. (Wish our boat and RV/boat barn would have fared that well...) Anyway, we'll be up and running in no time, which is GREAT, since our next wedding isn't too far off.

Have an excellent week, and tell someone about the chapel. You know you want to! lol! Blessings to one and all!


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