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Not every mailing at the chapel is about a wedding! Sometimes there are some great charity events!

These colorful little envelopes are headed out the door tomorrow to remind folks about the upcoming charity game night on July 16! We're raising money for Taylor's Bears. She's a special young lady that started her own 501c3 at about 16 years of age! Her goal is to provide a teddy bear to children at Dallas Children's Hospital. It's such a neat cause, and we love making our special place available to something this worthwhile. I'll be a fun night, so if you can be here on that day, let Denise know and we'll get your name on the RSVP roster! If you don't get a colored envelope, don't be sad, because you now know all about it! :)

It's going to get much warmer at the chapel this week, with our summer temps finally kicking in. We can't really complain, but we've been so spoiled this spring with cool and wet conditions that it's just a bit of a shock to us! :)

The biggest excitement news in the chapel world is our new electric gate! The project has been in the making for like 20 years, and it's finally up and running. I know we'll forget to tell folks coming to visit what the code is, but I guess that's what phones are for! It'll be extra special on those rainy nasty days! We're able to lock it out for weddings, so that works perfectly. We are appreciative of Tim, Chris, Clemente, Todd and Brandon who made this dream come true. We won't be able to afford to eat for a little while...everything is so expensive...but having an electric gate is worth it! lol!

Well, I guess I don't really have anything else to report. Hope to see you on July 16, and blessings to one and all for a great week!


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