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Naked cakes sound really risque, but they're not. Still super popular and just right for the theme!

Paige and I were just talking about naked cakes the other day. I don't think their appeal will ever fizzle out. It's just enough frosting to look cool and 'deconstructed', while the exerior can be decorated 1000 different ways, and all of it kind of shows the 'bones' of the cake, which kind of ties in with the vintage elegance of the Chapel! It's an edible win-win from every angle. This one from a few years ago was one of our favorites, and we love the winter flowers that were used for decoration.

All is well in the frozen tundra known as chapel land, and we received yet another bridal inquiry today. 2022 is definitely going to be a banner growth year for the little white confection and the end of road. Inquiries almost every day and bookings almost every week! PTL. That's about all the business we really want, thank you very much, but it's always so fun to get to work together with the right couples who get our place, our mission, our ministry and our vibe! It takes about a week of work to make a wedding just right and it's a labor of love for our very special couples.

Hopefully, everyone is staying warm and dry. We're not planning to head down to the chapel until Sunday to meet with Savannah and her mom and then have bible study after that! Denise is tallying the RSVP's for March 6th's charity event (we hope you're on that list and will come!) so we're rolling right along. Blessings to all for a great day and wonderful weekend!


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