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Isn't it about time to book another brunch wedding? They're probably our absolute favorite party!

There's just something about the morning freshness, the church clothes, the champagne and juice, the pianist playing jazz tunes in the corner, and the smiles all around! This recipe in the photo has always been appealing, and I don't think we've ever tried it. It's a mimosa with a twist, since it's champagne over sherbet, which sounds damned yummy in the glass, and it's like having a champagne treat! Gonna have to try this, and maybe Easter Sunday is just the time? But in the meantime, won't you come down and book a beautiful wedding, renewal of vows or big celebration that involves these two elements? Thanks!

So funny......I really tried to plant zinnia seeds in front of the chapel yesterday, but it was so windy that every time I got close to the prepared soil with the heirloom seeds, the wind swept them away into the atmosphere! We're going to try again today, and it looks a little more calm out there, if a little less warm, as well.

Linens continue to be in the laundry production cycle, and our staffing for the first wedding in April is just about finished! Cannot wait for that celebration with a great bride and groom and family! Always fun when everyone gets involved!

Otherwise, just rolling along and making things happen. A couple of outdoor pieces of furniture need attention, but things are greening up nicely now that we've had a bit of warm weather. We're ready for more rain (we always are!) but not on a wedding day, please! Have a wonderful Thurday, don't enjoy tooooo many sherbet mimosas, and keep dreaming of wonderful things! See you soon!


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