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I think the title of this photo should be "You're Standing on My Dress", due to close quarters!

As is tradition with every Caliber Oak Wedding Homecoming celebration, the cake topper count must equate to the number of guests who have RSVP'd for that year.... Well, here they are, all joined together in marital celebration. When I typed "You're standing on my dress", my mind immediately went to the wedding of one of our dearest friends in 1985... Not only was the officiant loaded, but called the bride the wrong name throughout the ceremony (if you know this particular friend, that wouldn't go over very well). Not only that, when it was all over and time to retreat from the altar, the officiant was sanding on "Lisa's" dress and she couldn't move. Repeated, quiet attempts did not dislodge the officiant from his spot, until her sister, very loudly, hollered "GET OFF THE DRESS". Apparently that worked and the rest is history! That's not the type of thing that happens at OUR chapel, however. Here, the officiant (me) reminds the young ring bearer to be very careful with the diamonds because it's a 3-ring set. During the ceremony, he dutifully and pefectly gives them to Captain Rick who IMMEDIATELY drops $$,$$$ in diamonds and platinum into the mud and 4" of dead fall leaves. Well done, Captain Rick! "GET OFF THE DRESS" will probably be next! Anyway, we've always got something to laugh about around here.

Hope your day is a smooth and creamy as the french buttercream icing in this photo! Not much happening at the chapel of love today. The freshened nightstands for the grooms room look great according to Mrs. Boss (I haven't been down there) and we're ready for the spring season.

Stay positive, don't panic, be well, and have your next wedding at the coolest chapel of them all. It's cool, cuz WE're cool.....We're that extra, secret ingredient other chapels just don't have! Later!


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