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Here's some clear and sparkly fun with some nice blue color. We even got to use some this weekend!

...And a lovely time was had by all! Our dear friend, Mary, came down from Terrell, Texas this weekend and we made a nice, Valentine's Day chapel celebration of it! Played cards, ate all kinds of goodies, made special drinks, and yapped all day and all night. The chapel is a wonderful place for weddings and special events, but it's also great for 'off hours' events like having special friends come and visit. We thought we were going to have a voter information meeting here, but that worked out better at another location, so this week is pretty slow in the chapel lane.

We had a lovely visit from a bride, groom, and mom on Sunday, and our usual bible study group was extra excellent. We're really enjoying following the study guide to "The Chosen" since it's video and discussion. Our fearless leader, Bryan Rugh, does a tremendous job of directing the group and there's lots of learning and laughter along the way.

We need to bring a few of the outdoor furniture pieces up to the house to freshen them and also get rid of some weeds in the terrace next to the front. A never ending list of tasks to keep the place as nice as we can for our brides and grooms! It's truly great to have the bride's and groom's rooms back up and organized, as that was such a mess for quite a little bit.

Well, nothing earth shattering to report from the little white retreat, but we thought you'd enjoy the pretty blue color of these glasses on display. Have a wonderful week, come visit when you can, and enjoy every blessing possible!


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