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Did you ever winnow your photo choice down to one, and then go to post and it's BLURRY!?!?! Yikes!

Makes me so proud of my tremendous photography skills! Oh well, the thought is what counts. I wanted to get as many place settings as I could in one photo of Bert and Lisa's 25th Anniversary Fiesta! As you can tell, the colors just exploded on the black palette background and really made things festive. Lisa made the beautiful paper flowers and everything came together so beautifully! Another congrats to L&B on their 25th!

Hotter than blazes out there today, and working towards staying cool. Miss Denise is trying to keep the plants watered, and Elena has made the chapel sparkle for this weekend's charity fundraiser. Remember, the game is really easy to play, and everyone has a loud and fun good time! We're already up to $810 in donations, and we haven't even started our first game yet! Be sure to RSVP to Miss Denise @ 254.760.1590 if you can make it! You will NOT regret it!

We've also gotten our graphic out from the Friends of the Salado Library for the very different, very exciting and quite literary "An Evening at the Chapel with Edgar Allan Poe"! It's happening on October 1, and we hope lots of fun will be had with lots of folks, while we enjoy cocktails to match the brief Poe works being read. It'll be a fun time to mingle and meet new friends! Hope to see you there.

Otherwise, not much else is new at the Chapel of Love. Still working on placement for a photograph we want to hang, and need to start setting up for the Taylor Bear fundraiser, but otherwise are just coasting along! Blessings to one and all. Stay cool, keep drinking water, and be as happy and colorful as one of Lisa's paper flowers! You WILL be noticed! :)


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