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Another wonderful wedding in the books for your humble Officiant! It was a great ceremony and fun!!

What a lovely pair of families, and what a great bride and groom. I truly enjoyed and was honored to be the officiant at Nicole and James' wedding yesterday. The setting was lovely, the weather was quite bearable, and the happiness and enthusiasm from the guests who were gathered was obvious. For the very first time ever, however, I accidently did the 'rings' portion of the service before I did the 'vows' portion. Except for my muttering and the bride and groom knowing, I was able to rectify the situation on the fly and pulled the whole thing off without anyone else knowing! Whew! I got so many compliments on the ceremony that I might have to goof it up every time just to keep it lively! :) Thanks, again, James and Nicole for trusting me to lead your very special ceremony!

Lots happening at the chapel today! Seed Swap with Raeshel and Lisa H is happing at 10a, and then we're going directly into bible study in the afternoon. Won't be a dull day and there'll be snackies and chicken salad sandwiches for bible study! Come join us for either or both activities!

Still watering plants in the chapel area, but we're thrilled to have the new Jeff Kelley hose bib on the side of the chapel so that I don't get anymore 'you have a leak' notices from the water company! I feel like we've made real progress here!

Hope your day is an excellent one, and that the week starts off just right for you! Blessings to one and all for a tremendous day!


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