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All dolled up, and I think she thinks it's a wedding! Nope! Supper with a bride and groom!

The part where our brides and grooms continue to be our valued friends after the dust settles on their wedding day is probably the best feature of our business. Nothing like having a couple who's trusted you with their most-est day invite you to supper! That, to us, is the mark of a joy well done for the two of us. Looking forward to Mrs. Marion Arnaz cruising to supper in fine, Caliber Oak style. Who'sagoodgirllll?

Have had a bunch of new visits and inquiries, and we can't thank Berger Publishing and the divine Miss "M" for getting us back in the pages. Talking with one bride and groom after another is really a treat, as this last year wasn't as busy as they have been. No complaints, since a break is nice, too, but we're loving the contacts! Thanks to everyone for their wonderful referrals, as well.

Lots of activity left in the 4th quarter of the year! Thanksgiving Day at the chapel for about 21 folks, KofC Christmas party, Emma Grace's wedding day, book club annual Christmas gathering, and I'm sure I've missed a few others. No matter, we love the fun and laughter so many of these great times can be while we make memories!

Thankfully, Clemente is back, as there are a few things that need to be touched up, but we'll be in fine form for the holidays and after! We usually spend most of our Christmas/New Year's celebrations to the main cottage for traditional intimacy, but you just never know when the next spontaneous chapel party could erupt! :)

Blessings to one and all for a tremendous rest of the week, and be sure to wave when you see us rolling down the road in the beautimous '71 Eldorado convertible!


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