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A blurry shot, but worth the look. Mike and Jarrah's wedding had such a perfect, unique palette!

We loved the richness and depth of the color contrasts for this excellent wedding, and the guests did too. It was the perfect foil for Jarrah and Mike's unique style and was executed beautifully. Sometimes the darker background tones really make the lighter colors jump up and say 'howdy'. This was certainly one of those times!

Wedding homecoming gets closer each day, and we can't wait! It looks like we've got a pretty good turnout, already.

Emma is down at the chapel getting rid of all the dead branches on the lantana and other summer plants so that things look more trimmed up. It's never our 'prettiest' time of the year at the chapel, since nothing's really in bloom, but our winter season is thankfully very short and it'll be green and flowery before we know it.

We've still got all of our closet cleaning debris all over the place, but are very slowly making progress. This is the time of the year for us to do it, since during the wedding seasons, it's too chaotic to try to organize anything. Our biggest accomplishment so far has been to separate our personal table linens from our wedding linens so that we can access things easier. We're also making sure just about all the wedding linens are hung on hangers, which will hopefully make wedding preparation a little less tedious in the steaming department! Something everyone around here appreciates, since it's none of our favorite jobs! :) We always make it look good,'s just easier sometimes than others!

Speaking of linens, I need to go down and spray the napkins from the SSWS group that are still in the hamper! Blessings to all for a wonderful pre-Christmas week, and safe travels for one and all!


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