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Love this photo from a loving day!

We're not going to was easy for Tara Barnes to make Mary and Patrick look good on their 'bestest' of days.... and the boss always looks good, but Ol' Cap doesn't even look like the cryptkeeper here! Well done, Tara! Good on ya! .... We just love this photo because I really think it's an amazing representation of how we will NOT let a bride and groom down on their largest of events. We were a 4-some (with LOTS of parental help, PTL) that worked together from day one to weave the magical wedding plan together, strand by strand. The result was a victory for all of us, and we're so very proud of them! Congratulations, M&P and best wishes, always, for a lifetime of happiness!

======================================================A little bit of activity at the chapel today is possibly underway, but today's primary events are somewhat on/offsite. It's tye dye t-shirt reveal day at the fabulous Barrow Brewing, and we're planning to stroll the Art Fair, esp since one of our brides has her booth set up for the event! Denise went off this morning to Zumba at the Fire Station (which I think has the makings of an excellent title for a country song) and I cleaned myself up in anticipation of today's blessed activities.===================== Diets are in 'full' swing, although, somehow I'm up 3 lbs. Mrs. Boss says it's because the diet does not actually allow ice cream, extra grapes, ritz crackers, etc. etc. etc. We'll work on that. Stay tuned for less cap to love? ====================Going back to the Barrow t-shirt gig.........we cannot recommend this enough for almost anyone (not you, Mike won't wear the hippie thing) since it's a gas to make the shirt, visit with other shirt artists, enjoy BBB (Barrow Brewing Beverages) and the anticipation of how your shirt will turn out. We both ended up this year with almost matching shirts, and they were a complete 180 from last year's look. Last year, Mrs. Boss rocked the lavender/purple motif, while I did kind of a creek blue evil merman kind of thing. This year, I wanted to reflect the colors that spoke to me to create the Easter Sunday motif and went with magenta and orange. Well, we both ended up with great shirts, and they're amazingly similar. Can't wait for the group to take the photo today, and I've worn mine like 3 times already! Don't forget, this is a VERY limited attendance event each July, and if you want to participate, you have to have a ticket in advance and buy it as soon as the event is announced on FB. Lots of folks wanted to participate, but there's only so much dye to go 'round, y'all! Hope to see you at this fun event next year! Stay tuned for the posting of our fun group pic! =================================Still watering, watering and more watering to try to keep things blooming. The great news is that I saw a 40% chance of rain prediction on the weather app yesterday for tomorrow. Lettuce Pray! In the meantime, we think things look mighty pretty for being so stinkin' hot out there! ==================================One of the goals I don't think about often enough is to reflect Him in everything we do each day. Walking our paths and reminding folks that we're not stressed but blessed is the only way to fly! Have a tremendous weekend, dear reader, and smile when you say, "Jesus loves me!"

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