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A honeymoon destination that's worth every mile!

For us, the glittering gem that is the Hotel Paisano in magical Marfa-town is worth every mile in travelling to reach. Relaxed, elegant and historic, this place really rocks the vibe. We feel that it has kind of a Southern California Spanish influence feel, but whatever the experience you get, it's special and unique. This photograph is taken from Suite #212, which is lovely and obviously overlooks the plaza courtyard. Other rooms are just as nice, and we think either #228 or #230 will be our next destination at the hotel. There's just something magical here we can't put our fingers on. Amazing shops, cool tiled floors, far-out private pool area, and a town that is very interesting, laid back, and vividly retro...all at the same time. The only downside to the whole gig is getting there. We took Amtrak this time, and that worked out kind of ok, until a trestle near Sanderson went up in flames! While certainly not the railroad's fault, the whole train schedule/rental car/convenience thing is probably more easily dealt with in a nice, comfortable Lincoln Town Car or similar cushmobile.... Our next trip out will be again by car, as the ability to come and go as we please makes more sense. Our magical map app says it's 6.5 hours from our Village, which is quite a haul (445 miles!) but again, it's truly a unique experience that we're already looking forward to having again. Give it a shot, and don't forget the great restaurants, cool courthouse, and Big Bend, that are all right there. Again...for the right couple, this is honeymoon heaven! Give it a try!

Well, rather quiet at the chapel today. Prepping for Hettie and Chad's great adventure later in the week, and enjoying the immaculately clean environment provided by Brandie as well. Had a tremendous visit with Hannah and Chris and Company yesterday to pick out all the great stuff for their theme, and truly enjoyed our time together. Friday night sported the "Deep Fry Dozen" fish fry group that was rowdy, fun and laughter-filled! We're also gearing up for tomorrow nights' exciting discussion of "Where the Crawdads Sing" with our newly expanded Motley Book Club numbers. Mrs. Boss is getting the shrimp and bacon and punch ingredients for me today, and with a little dark rum, some low-country seasonings, and TLC, we should have quite the feast! So looking forward to the discussion AND the selection of our next title! === Also really looking forward to working with Pat tomorrow during our book processing session at the SPL! === Looks like 'baked steak' may be on the menu tonight and we might even get to see a little more of the Outlander episodes. We've been enjoying it far more than we originally expected.

The comfort of prayer is unmatched. There's just something amazing and completely excellent about calling to him through prayers and feeling His presence in great times and in more difficult moments. Give him a shout today. No toll charges apply! Blessings to you for a tremendous Sunday and start to a divine week!

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