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The Wedding...not the musical!

Wooohooo! And we get to see them very soon! Going to put their sign up on the celebration tree in just a few, short hours! Such a great couple, such a great wedding, and so much fun... Thanks, again, C&J for selecting us for your magical moments!

Met with Artania & Horace today to go over their vows, and excited about a little travel coming up as well. Miss EmmyLou is headed to Templetown for some steering work and the most delightful Sarah Sanderford is celebrating her 3# birthday tonight! Whooooohoooo x 2. ===still working on excellent leftovers from the Taste and See book halibut recipe. We can't recommend it enough. === Yoga last night was amazing, and apparently, there's a weekly gig at Jess' we're going to check out. Can't wait! === Everything's blooming so nicely, and life is wonderful! Thank you, God!

The Taste and See book is a great way to think about God's work in our every day consumption of food. He's with us all the time! Hope you have a tremendous Thursday and a wonderful end to your week!

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