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What about a camping honeymoon?

We know a few of our brides and grooms have done just that, and after this weekend's excellent mini-break, we could see how this really would be a fun and romantic way to start life together. Renting an RV would be less expensive than some other options, and the relaxation time, fresh air, physical activity and time to visit with each other would be incomparable. Something to think about.... Our trip was so excellent this last weekend, that we're already mulling over our options for another, slightly larger, RV for our travels. Anyone looking for the cutest little tent.with.A/C should let us know.... Looks like we're 'movin' on up', already... :)

An outstanding Monday already in the works. Got to do my stint at the Salado Public Library to process some books with Pat, and enjoyed it all over again. Had a bit of a 'plastic bubble' issue this morning, but with Pat's rehabilitative tutorial, I think the situation got better. Not much else going on today... WD40 the bed rails in the pop-up, and puttering around. Both of us are blessed to get massages tonight, so THAT is something to look forward to! === Loving the current temperatures today, and the driveway only took a mild hit from all the rain we had yesterday. Such a blessing, as we probably won't see it in August! === Still need to get some bedding plants in the ground, too!

His constant protection and love are all the ingredients we really need for a happy and full life. Thank you, God, for all you do for us every minute of every day! Blessings to y'all for a wonderful June week! Wooohoooo!

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