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Beautiful wedding, beautiful weather...both inside and out!

Christina and Jacob's wedding was truly beautiful, and the colors, patterns and anticipation were all just right. We'd worked together for quite some time to make this day excellent, and it all paid off. The graceful color touches of navy, yellow, cream and gray were just right for our special space, and the 'pattern on pattern' (Praise God!) decor that was chosen for the bistro tables lent an especially relaxed classiness to the affair. Many thanks to Christina, Jacob and Co., for trusting us with their big day, and many prayers for a long and happy love together!

Well, pretty slow at the old Chapel Grande today. Tiffany was able to have a small yoga group here last night, in spite of the host and hostess not being able to attend. We're already looking forward to the next yoga night on May 15. Hopefully, we'll have a large group! ... Looks like rain will be in the forecast for a few days, but all will work out just fine, since that's where pretty flowers come from! ==== Cleanup needed at the chapel from several small events, but that'll give us something to do! :) === We were both amazed at how cool the temperatures were today here. We're about 9 degrees less than Pecos, and figure most of that is due to the rain/cold front. It won't keep us from a fun dinner plan tonight, however. === Planting of seeds continues, but the wheelbarrow garden has survived so far, and seedlings are coming up everywhere! === We're also so excited about Henrietta and Chad's big day coming up as well as several others. The springtime is flying by in full, beautiful color!

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. Doesn't really matter if it's for ourselves, someone we know, or someone we don't know. It works. It's comforting and it's one of the biggest gifts and tools we have. We pray that YOU enjoy your day today!

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