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Wasn't going to take the picture, since I knew it wouldn't look as cool as real life...but i

These little rays of sunshine really get it. Do one thing...and do it right. They certainly do. I love how they allow the little lavender flowers to come along for the ride. Such a beautiful place and we're so thankful. Why wouldn't everyone want to be married in this magic? Just about all of them do!

Mildly busy today in preparation for of our favorite weeks of the year! Headed to Belton this morning with a laundry list, and got most of it done! Smitty and Brant at Jones Home and Auto must be praised for their quick efforts on our behalf to get the BMWZ3 ready to pass inspection and then ready for new tags. Found out recently, that ours expired in August (whooops, po-po man!) but also found out they mailed the renewal to our physical address and not the PO Box, so I didn't feel quite as air-headed! Speaking of air heads.........I've been feeling mighty exhausted/funky/washed out the last two days and it was rather disconcerting. of about 2p today, I feel great. I think I'm one of those truly gifted/brilliant folks who's really affected by the barometric pressure around me. That's my excuse, anyway, since after an hour's nap (always a good idea, btw) I was right as rain and was able to work on Easter eggs, shopping list, flowers, tables, candy, LCR setup, etc. etc. etc. Very thankful........... We're also getting mildly excited about C&J's greatest day coming up, but more on that later! ......... Holding off on some of the Easter decor projects, due to inclement weather predicted tonight. Hopefully, we'll have enough power to watch a few more episodes of "Miranda" from the BBC. We sure like her! Oh, the boss just told me that there's some really pretty flowers coming home with her from McIntire's Nursery in Georgetown, so I know they'll be excellent! .........Fire up about my key lime pound cake on Sunday, but more about that dear readers, next time. I feel I've gone on too long..........

All we can do is cry to Him when we are weak. He's our only hope and our only salvation. When we see someone in greater need than ourselves (saw it today)'s such a gift to be able to pray for that person above our own needs. HE hears all, and knows our every thought. Blessings on Holy Week to all y'all!

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