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Another fun, new plate for chapel festivities!

The pursuit of the flea market dishware finds for the chapel is an ongoing treat for Mrs. Boss and I. It's so fun skimming around the market to see what great bargain finds are there. This particular piece is a late '30's to mid '50's "gimme plate", since it was provided to the owner as a loyalty reward for shopping at this particular store in Illinois. That's the fun of it! The stories these dishes could tell in their past. How did it get to East Texas? Who owned it? Did it match any other pieces already purchased at the store? Who knows, but in the meantime, we all get to enjoy the collection. Sharon just selected the vintage china collection for her wedding dinner, and the colors she has selected for the chargers and napkins are perfect matches for such great and storied items. What a great excuse for us to continue to buy dishes! Woohooo!

Slow and low-productivity day at the Chapel today, with not much to do. Not complaining! Made some out-standing oatmeal/craisin/date/nut cookies that actually turned out well (cookies are not my strong suit!) and otherwise just kind of puttered about. Still working on the 1951 Chevrolet 'short' issue in the electrical department, and experimenting with Smitty to see what our next courses of action will be. Say a prayer for a strong engine start on friday, when we test our theory again!

He's in the bible, He's in our daily prayers, and He hears our every plea! Give Him a shout if you haven't lately. We're not to expect perfection on earth, but His guidance and comfort makes all the difference! Blessings for a wonderful mid-week, and tremendous run-up to the big Holiday in store!

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