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Wedding cookies that were not only beautiful, but de-lish-ussssss!

So many details of Kimberly and Shane's wedding were very special and well thought out. These amazingly beautiful and mighty tasty cookies were just such an example! Adorned with great icing, and custom created for their special day, the taste was amazing. Thanks to the two of them for sharing such a special bond with us, and letting us help make their biggest of days happen!

Not too crazy around the chapel today. Brandie has things sparkling, and we're excited about Taylor coming to book her wedding day! Woohooo! Miss EmmyLou is back in the stable with a new alternator/voltage regulator, and ready for her door trim installation session! Miss Bridget Jones has safely been relocated to her new family in Pecos, and we hope Bomi and Naju have as much fun with her as we've had. ...a little chicken fried steak tonight with some baked acorn squash while we enjoy season 3 of "Mr. Selfridge". We actually missed season 3 last week, since I didn't see it at the library, but Manuela found it for me today. Ena managed to chew on the spine of "The Wongs Against The World" from the library, so we had to replace that copy! (Thanks, Ena!)....fortunately the copy replacement price was very resonable, and we're all good. the weather turns cooler, I realized I need a new, vintage, patterned vest for wedding days and outings. Time to do a little shopping, methinks.

Leaving the door open for His repair, guidance and love is pretty darned easy. Our bride and groom learned very first hand how wonderful his Providence can be when we let it happen, and Kimberly said something wonderful about doors He'll open if we will just let go of the door knob! Love it! Blessings to all for a tremendous rest of the week and beyond!

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