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Love it when an Instagram idea comes together!

Even though this picture has been out there before, as Ricky Ricardo would say, "I dunt care!" It's a classic, and even though we were steeped in the excitement and fun of Kite Fest, it really did stick with me that this could be a wonderful look for just the right couple's wedding. Maybe with their colors, or a single color, or whatever.... Love the look and it says happy, festive, (and unlike the prices at Chapel at Caliber Oak) inflated! :) See what I did there? Love this idea, and cannot wait to do it again for another event!

Wonderful weekend at the chapel. Wrapped it up yesterday with an excellent fundraiser for Feed My Sheep of Temple, and they raised something like $2,000! Wonderful group of people doing wonderful things for so many. Definitely our kind of folks! Staci was a delight to work with, as were all the volunteers involved. The food was great, and Staci has shared an amazing recipe that would be great for anyone's next dinner party, and we're anxious to try it around here! ...Miss Emmy Lou is getting her glove box door refinished, and had some loose ends trimmed from her interior today. Anxiously awaiting the full-chrome wheelcovers that are en route for her, even though they're circa 1953. She's advanced like that. Running fine as wine and after a new battery tomorrow morning, will be fit as a fiddle. Right now, she looks like an early Tesla prototype with a cord running under her hood! She will certainly be photo ready for our wonderful brides and grooms and might even end up in a departure from the reception before too long! Who knows?!?!?

He's providing, protecting and healing 24/7. I've said it before, and I'll say it again....His airline is the only way to fly, baby! Hoping all our peeps are rockin' the skies today, and in contact with our "Captain". Blessings to all!

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