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Is this the coolest bridal departure dress or what?!?!?!?

Well, Captain Rick's photography skills have certainly suffered since is really cool phone bit the dust, but even though it's not the best shot by the photographer... Laura looks AMAZING in this incredible dress that she wore to leave from her wedding. It's 3-D! Flowers, and leaves, and glittery stuff, and just really cool! Way to shine, Miss Laura! We so enjoyed having Laura and Ty's wedding at the chapel and met so many fun folks. We were already in love with Laura's parents, so the whole thing was like a fun family reunion. Even liked old "Chief Doug", and we had a grand time as two former cops roaming the crowd! Blessings to our bride and groom as they start this journey together.

Pretty laid back at the chapel today! All tidied up from the weekend, and everything's pretty much back in place. We are SO excited for Christina and Jacobs grand adventure that they booked with us monday night! First wedding we've ever booked on the side of the road! Kinda looked like a drug deal...but it wasn't. Just a few guns present, however!:) We're already looking forward to their next visit to pick out china, linens, glasses, etc. Gonna be a Vanna White kinda good time! Also so excited to get to see B&J this evening as they most likely book their exciting wedding as well. If J is anything 1/2 as fun as B....well, bring. it. on.! ..... Otherwise, the weekend looks pretty laid back. Prepping the 1973 Fleetwood for the big baptism on Sunday, and shootin' a little skeet with another po-po soon. Life is good, and we are blessed beyond measure!

He's taking care of us even when we have doubts. The power of prayer, intercession and welcoming Him into our bodies, hearts and lives is like no other drug or medicine. Thank you, Lord Jesus for all you continue to do in our lives and the lives of the couples who have married at our chapel! You Rock!

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